Notice of the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Jan Juc Cricket Club

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Jan Juc Cricket Club

Dear member,

This notice is to advise you of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the members of the Jan Juc Cricket Club. The details of this meeting are as follows:

Date: 15th June, 2024

Time: 3pm

Location: Jan Juc Cricket Club, Bob Pettit Reserve, 89-91 Sunset Strip, Jan Juc 3228

The ordinary business of this meeting will be:

1. To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting

2. To receive from the Committee reports upon the transactions of Jan Juc Cricket Club during the last preceding financial year

3. To elect officers of the Jan Juc Cricket Club and the ordinary members of the Committee

4. To confirm the amounts of the annual membership and registration fee.

5. To receive and consider the financial statement submitted by Jan Juc Cricket Club to members in accordance with section 100(1) of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic).

6. Special Resolution 1: Executive Committee roles will be voted in for a period of 2 years with an offset year. I.e. President and Treasurer 2024 for two years, Vice President and Secretary for 1 year in 2024 and then two years in 2025


Proxy Form JJCC – AGM 15 June 2024 – Proxy Form (1)