The Jan Juc Cricket Club was formed late on a Friday night, a week before the 1981/82 Southern District Cricket Association season commenced.. It was founded in the Spike Bar of the Torquay Golf Club during the regular Friday night’s darts game, following a conversation amongst all, about how they could have been

Jan Juc Early 1990’s

“Bradman’s” and “Miller’s” when they played cricket in their youth, and bemoaning about the inaccessibility of the golf course during the forthcoming holiday period.

Very late, local Southern District stalwart, Max “Puncha” McPhee returned to the discussion and announced, “I hope that you blokes can play cricket as good as you say you used to, because I have just put a team in Southern District C Grade.” Darts continued uninterrupted, the realisation not setting in until over the weekend.

The first and only practice session was held at South Barwon Reserve the following Sunday using borrowed kit, where the following office bearers were appointed – Ken McCallum President, Ron Haeberle Secretary, Bob Loader Treasurer, and Puncha McPhee Coach. The Club’s inclusiveness of wives, partners and families, resulting from the older age of the players, gave the club a rather unique strong social fabric.

The Club readily gained the use of Reserve oval from the Shire of Barrabool, whose CEO, Merv Hair, and Engineer, Don Welsh, were anxious to see the oval being used.

The Shire had purchased the oval and its surrounds from the Richmond Football Club, who had intended to establish it for a training camp,

By the time the Club’s first home game was played a working bee was held under the supervision of concreter, Bob Loader, to lay the pitch, a pitch that was by far fastest in the competition. Inadvertently, millimetre thin roofing malthoid surfaced the concrete, rather than the much thicker cricket pitch malthoid.

The first team to represent the J.J.C.C. comprised of M. McPhee (capt), R. Loader (V.

Capt.), K. McCallum, V. Loader, I. Heritage, G. Muncey, K. Young, N. Sheridan, G.

Brown, G. Hughes, and R. Haeberle. Of this team, only the first five had played cricket in recent years. Leslie Heritage was our long serving outstanding scorer.

JJCC Inaugrial Premiership C Grade1981-82

Moriac was the venue for the first match. They scored over 200 runs, whilst we were all out for 52. This was the only match that the J.J.C.C. lost for the next two years, winning both the C Grade flag in 1981/82, and the B Grade flag in 1982/83, this team being boosted by the inclusion of Geoff Grayling and Terry Pyers.

Others to represent the club in that first year were Peter Rudd, Ron McKendrick, and juniors, Matthew Loader, Adrian McCormack, and Gareth Haeberle, the latter two going on to play Victorian Cricket Association first XI, McCormack with Geelong, and Haeberle with Geelong and Richmond.

The winning run came to an end in 1983/84 after being promoted to A Grade, but by this time the J.J.C.C. was well established with a C Grade team, practice facilities, and the recruitment of long serving Secretary, Philip Smith.

JJCC Premiership B Grade1982-83